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Tips and advice

It’s in everybody’s best interest to use money wisely in order to avoid debt and financial problems. Customer education is a priority at African Advantage and we hope the following tips and advice assist you to manage your finances optimally. We want you to get the most out of your card and facility so that you enjoy spending your money on things you need and value.

Financial Agreements

  • Financial Agreements are a legal obligation and, if misused, can lead to serious financial trouble and even blacklisting
  • Ensure that you’ve prepared a monthly budget, so you know how much you earn and how much you spend
  • If your finances are in a mess, first consider these questions before applying for financial assitance:
    • Why do you need financial assistance – is it really necessary?
    • How much money do you require? (don’t borrow more than you really need)
    • Do you know what the monthly fees and repayments will be and can you afford them?
    • Have you shopped around, done your homework and found the best deal?
  • Don’t be tempted to sign an agreement that offers you more than you need, even if a finance company offers you one; as a rule of thumb, your monthly repayment commitments should never exceed 25% of your monthly net income


Using Your African Advantage Card

  • Swiping your African Advantage MasterCard is free, so use it for direct purchases rather than drawing cash regularly
  • Remember that when you withdraw money from an ATM, bank charges apply. We suggest you use Standard Bank ATMs as the fees are cheaper than other ATMs (see our Fees Table)
  • Rather than drawing small amounts from an ATM often, save on bank fees and draw one large sum that will last you a long time
  • Rather than checking your balance on an ATM (where bank charges will apply), log in to our website for free balance enquiries; you can log in 24/7
  • Keep your PIN safe and never disclose it to anyone
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately as you will be liable for all funds used until your card is cancelled

African Advantage acts in accordance with the National Credit Act to ensure exceptional customer service and responsible lending.  Should you have any questions about the Act or your rights, please contact us.

National Credit Act (No 34 of 2005)
National Credit Regulations

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